Stu Teehan

Stu’s story – ‘If things do go wrong guys often don’t know where to go’

A quick check in the shower done regularly could make a huge difference when it comes to catching cancer early, according to one survivor who feels fortunate to have heeded the warning signs.

Wicklow-based cameraman and photographer Stu Teehan was sitting in his chair in the office one day in 2019 when he noticed what he describes as a “strange feeling” in his testicle.

He knew the discomfort wasn’t normal and so wasted no time in getting checked. The GP referred Stu on to the hospital and within five days the route cause was discovered, and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

“I just remember hearing that word ‘cancer’, it raised a big red flag and sirens were going off in my head at the time,” says Stu.

Quick action

It was an alarming time for him, but thanks to his own quick action the cancer was caught at any early stage which meant treatment would be relatively straightforward. Within a couple of weeks Stu had surgery to remove the tumour, with his only follow-up being twice-yearly scans.

After the benefit of his own experience Stu has the following advice for men:

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If you get familiar with your own body then you will know straight away when something is wrong.

Stu Teehan
Stu Teehan 2

“A ritual as simple as regularly checking your testicles when you’re in the shower can make the world of difference.

“If things do go wrong guys often don’t know where to go. Too many men are still dying of embarrassment due to the stigma associated with asking for help.

“In the time since I have had a lot of friends approach me and ask what to do, and we need to start these conversations to encourage others to realise that there is help out there for them if they are willing to ask for it.”

Testicular cancer information

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