Teenage girl being vaccinated for HPV
February 20, 2019

New report shows over 2,500 women could be spared a cervical cancer diagnosis

Parents should ensure daughters get free vaccine next month

Girls in first year of secondary school who were not vaccinated against HPV last September will have a second opportunity to receive the vaccination in March, says the Irish Cancer Society. The Society is urging all parents with daughters of eligible age to protect their girls with this safe and effective vaccine.

It was responding to a study published in the Lancet Oncology journal today which found over 2,500 Irish women could be spared a cervical cancer diagnosis in the coming years through HPV vaccination and screening.

Averil Power, Chief Executive of the Irish Cancer Society said: “Cervical cancer is a devastating disease. It kills 90 women in Ireland every year, while those who survive are often left with painful side effects like never being able to have children. This study shows thousands of women can be spared this trauma in future if parents get their teenage girls vaccinated against HPV now.

“The HPV vaccine is safe and proven to save lives. Girls who weren’t vaccinated last September can get it next month. We urge all parents to ensure their daughters avail of this potentially lifesaving opportunity.

“Anyone with concerns, or who simply needs more information, can speak to one of our cancer nurses for free on 1800 200 700. There is also a wealth of information about HPV and the vaccine on our website, www.cancer.ie. It is really important parents base their decisions on medical advice and scientific evidence and don’t allow themselves to be misled by dangerous and discredited anti-vaccination myths on social media.”, Ms Power concluded.

The Irish Cancer Society also welcomed the Lancet highlighting the benefits of moving to a primary HPV screening programme and urged the Government to make this a reality as soon as possible.

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