Veteran Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Day volunteer Dora

Meet Dora, a 30 year Daffodil Day veteran

30 years ago, Dora Bracken’s hairdresser was diagnosed with cancer. Whilst going through her treatment, she asked Dora to take over selling daffodils for her in support of the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day campaign.

Since then, Dora and her sister, Harriet, have been HUGE contributors towards the Irish Cancer Society, and we are very grateful for their commitment for over three decades! They have supported Daffodil Day since the very first one (again, 30 years ago), our Pink Campaign from the beginning, three Church Gate collections annually, and so much in between – from taking up collections in pubs, shops and from friends and family throughout the year! 

We are honoured to have them both supporting and representing us. 

Dora says that their friends tell her “…Where do you get that energy – you should bottle it up and sell it.”

In their amazing support of us, they honour their father, their sister, and Dora’s husband, all who passed away as a result of cancer at a young age. 

As for the hairdresser, well, that’s a wonderful story, too. Her cancer is history, and she is still cutting Dora’s hair. Their lovely friendship has more than doubled Dora’s and Harriet’s 30 year friendship - and commitment - to the Irish Cancer Society!

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