Mary Tobin


My name is Mary Tobin. I live in Lucan, Co. Dublin

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994. I am a retired primary teacher, and in my spare time, I did some part-time modelling and I joined Movie extras.

I am a positive and outgoing person, and I have a good attitude to life in general. Those attributes have helped me through 5 cancer diagnoses. Having hope is a guiding light for me, and I wish to give hope to others who are suffering from this dreaded disease.

Cancer was once a death sentence, but thankfully not any more. Improvements in medical science and research has progressed considerably since the 90s, and further research is continuing all the time in the various hospitals and universities throughout the world.

Over the years I have had a lumpectomy and two mastectomies in St James’ Hospital Dublin. In 2011, I had an operation for thoracic cancer. On each occasion, I received radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The surgeons were excellent.

In 2020 after random CT scan, I was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer. This type of cancer is life-threatening and incurable, but chemotherapy can control its advancement.

I find prayer helps my mentality and it gives me the strength to remain positive. Negativity destroys the soul and clouds the mind. My family and friends are very supportive and a great comfort to me. They continue to give me the confidence to keep focused and to remain strong in those challenging times.

The medical staff who take care of me in St James’ are amazing. Their dedication and professionalism is truly inspiring.

During breaks from chemotherapy, I enjoy reading, walking and keeping fit.  I like to watch and listen to documentaries on TV and radio. Comedy programmes make me laugh – Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Father Ted are my favourite. My secret wish it to learn how to dance the argentine tango.

‘’No winter lasts forever, no spring skips it’s turn.’’

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