Kelsey Kinsella

Kelsey Kinsella, from Dublin, was only 22 years old when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

That was in 2017. She had gone to her GP because she had a lump in her neck, felt fatigued, had lost her appetite and had pain in her glands when drinking alcohol.

At first, it was thought it was just swollen glands but when the symptoms didn’t go away she was back to her doctor again two weeks later.

She was referred on for an ultrasound and was shocked to be told of her cancer diagnosis.

Kelsey Kinsella

Kelsey went on to have chemotherapy and recovered well but was once again taken aback when her cancer returned for a second time. She was originally meant to have a stem cell transplant but her stem cell levels never came up enough. A round of radiotherapy followed which thankfully put her into remission.

A few months later the cancer had returned again, for a third time. This time Kelsey had immunotherapy. She says while she was shocked at her first diagnosis, it was made so much harder by the second and third diagnosis. She says it is only when you finish treatment that you realise just exactly what you have been through.

Kelsey is now 25 and is the eldest of three children. She has two younger brothers aged 24 and 22. She says her brothers are just so used to her diagnosis now that it’s just part of their lives.

Kelsey is currently on immunotherapy and waiting on a further scan to see how everything is.

She is off work at the moment due to COVID-19 but looking forward to getting back to work as a beautician when all of the restrictions have been lifted.

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