Image of processed food
February 15, 2018

Irish Cancer Society reaction to processed food causing cancer news story

You may have seen the news today about a possible link between highly processed foods and cancer.

A French study looked at whether there was an association between eating so-called “ultra-processed” foods – such as fizzy drinks, sugary cereals and ready meals – and increases in certain cancers. Through their findings they associated a 10% increase in these foods in those surveyed with a 12% increase in the risk of getting cancer overall.

But don’t worry – this research doesn’t mean that we should completely avoid all highly processed foods to reduce our risk of cancer.

These foods tend to be high-energy and fatty, and we already know that being overweight increases our risk of getting several cancers, including breast and bowel. That is why a mixed diet, rich in vegetables fruits, pulses, rice, past, eggs meat, fish and milk, is so important. We should also try to be more active and work off the food we eat, as this too has been shown to reduce our cancer risk.

Four in ten cancer cases are preventable. To reduce your risk, follow the European Code Against Cancer.

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