Irish Cancer Society announces Cancer Research Engagement grant recipients

The Irish Cancer Society is delighted to announce that we will be funding three Cancer Research Engagement Awards in 2021. Dr Anne-Marie Baird, Ms Deirdre Nally, and Prof Suzanne Guerin were selected after a competitive review process and will organise engagement activities that aim to promote cancer research to people affected by cancer and the public.

  • Dr Anne-Marie Baird, Trinity College Dublin
  • Engaging people affected by lung cancer

"Currently, there are very few people impacted by lung cancer involved in cancer research. The overall aim of this project is to increase education and awareness around research. Hopefully by doing this, the project can enable and encourage more people impacted by lung cancer to become actively involved in and be part of the lung cancer research community."

  • Ms Deirdre Nally
  • Dallas EP: DigitAL coLorectal cAncer Surgery Engagement Process

"Surgery for bowel cancer changes over time. New technology can give extra information (data) to help to improve the operations we perform. Digital surgery refers to applying and integrating these new technologies to clinical surgery. The Digital Surgery Unit at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is conducting research in this area. With the support of the Irish Cancer Society, we have launched a PPI process to explore the perspectives of patients, healthcare professionals and the general public towards these research and clinical activities."

  • Prof Suzanne Guerin, University College Dublin
  • Evidence- and experience-based recommendations for meeting the needs of adolescents and young adults with cancer using therapeutic recreation

"The proposed event will bring together adolescents and young adults with cancer, their families, professionals working to support these groups, and researchers. The aim is to reflect on the needs of these groups and generate evidence and experience-based recommendations for supports."

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