Aoife and Anne Callinan

“I felt like it was my turn to give back to the Irish Cancer Society." - Aoife Callinan

“Christmas will be strange for us this year. I think that as a family we will see the bigger picture of Christmas this year, unlike any other year. Mam is really looking forward to meeting friends, as during her treatment she was very isolated due to being at such high risk for Covid,” says Aoife Callinan from Athlone. Aoife’s Mam Anne was diagnosed with lung cancer in June, which came as a big shock to the whole family.

“As if 2020 wasn’t tough enough for everyone, we were faced with many extra challenges as a family. Due to Covid-19, my Mam, like all other cancer patients, had to receive her treatment alone, without the support of her family and friends around her. It was a scary time for her and us, as we were never in a situation like this before.

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“The Irish Cancer Society were such a massive help to our family throughout this devastating experience. A lot of us don’t realise the amount of work that the Irish Cancer Society does for patients and their families during these difficult times. They provided us all with so much information and support that we never thought we needed, and have made the journey slightly more bearable.”

Aoife Callinan

Aoife started a baking fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society while her workplace was closed during the recent lockdown. She used a website where people could order her delicious homemade cupcakes and the orders flooded in:

“I felt like it was my turn to give back to the Irish Cancer Society. Baking is something I really enjoy and something my Mam and I have always bonded over. She is amazing at cooking and anyone who knows her will agree. Her apple tarts are out of this world!”

Aoife’s cupcake sales raised an amazing €7,750 of vital funds for the Irish Cancer Society, which will help us to continue providing care, support and information to families like hers who have been affected by cancer. We wish to thank Aoife for her incredible kindness during what has been such a tough time for her and her family. Merry Christmas to Aoife, Anne and all the Callinan family.

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