Stopping smoking is the best decision you can make to improve your health and well being. Find out how you can reduce your risk of cancer by quitting smoking, and get tips on how to quit.

Quitting smoking | Irish Cancer Society

Quitting smoking can save your life, and we can help. Find out more about giving up smoking, including 10 tips to help you quit, treatments you might need and our audio guides to help you on the way.

How to quit

    Irish Cancer Society | Audio guide to quitting smoking

    We've produced a series of 15 short podcasts to help you give up smoking. Listen to our quitting smoking podcasts here.

    Audio Guide

    Electronic cigarettes have been marketed as cheaper and healthier alternatives to cigarettes. But what exactly are they? And are they safe? Find out more about e-cigarettes.

    Learn more about staying healthy to reduce your risk of cancer, including diet, physical activity and more.

    We do advocacy work to try and reduce the rates of smoking in Ireland. Find out more about the work we do in the area of smoking.