Ideas for your Dare to Care event

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Stuck for DARE ideas? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of the ideas below to do with a group of friends or on your own!

Dare together

  • Dare to give it up – Alcohol, phone, chocolate – your choice!
  • Dare to dine - Go for dinner with your friends dressed as super heroes.
  • Dare to dance – Have a dance party at a local landmark – get strangers to join you.
  • Dare to conga – Start a conga line through your town or village.
  • Dare to win - Hold a themed race in your town or village and get as many involved as possible.
  • Dare to be a quizmaster – hold and run a quiz.
  • Dare to be *** - Hold a party where everyone has to dress as the same character.
  •  Dare to scare - Organise a zombie walk, do your make up, get some ripped clothes and do your best zombie impression.
  • Dare to Jump – Get a gang together to skydive.
  • Dare to unload – Get rid of your junk and have a car boot sale.
  • Dare to lipsync – Hold a Lipsync battle – who will triumph.
  • Dare to X Factor – Be a Karaoke star or sing with friends and family.
  • Dare to wax - For the guys – wax your legs or chest – in front of a crowd of course!
  • Dare your other half! – Do Mr & Mrs in front of a crowd.
  • Dare to bake – Hold a bake off, prizes for best soggy bottom.
  • Dare to date – Take yourself back to the 80’s and hold a Blind Date night.
  • Dare to Jive – Hold a barn dance and jive the night away.
  • Dare to stand up – Who is brave enough to take on the open mic?
  • Dare to get active – Commit to run/cycle/walk every night no matter the weather.
  • Hold a friend’s hand, then act as if you’re stuck together with superglue.

Dare your colleagues

  • Skip – Dare a colleague to skip everywhere they go for the day.
  • Dress up - Dare your boss or colleagues to wear fancy dress for the day.
  • Run for charity - Dare a colleague to run intermittently around the work building, office or factory floor at top speed or for a specified length of time!
  • Sing-a-long - Dare a group of your colleagues to sing in front of everyone in reception or in the canteen at lunchtime.
  • Swop shoes – Dare the guys in your office to wear the ladies heels and the ladies to wear the guy’s shoes for a day. A day in their shoes!
  • Meeting etiquette – Dare a colleague/colleagues to burst into song at an important meeting.
  • Toilet paper – Challenge a colleague to stick a 2ft length of toilet paper to the back of their trousers and when someone points it out they have to say ‘I like it like that’ and see how long they can do it for.
  • Dye or Shave – Dare a colleague to dye their hair or shave their hair.

Dare yourself, a colleague, your boss or a department!

Dare yourself

  • Instead of regular walking - Dance like a ballerina for a day.
  • Wear all your clothes inside out all day.
  • Start a conga - anywhere!
  • For the girls - Let one of the lad do your makeup before a big night out...
  • Moonwalk everywhere for an hour.

Dare others

  • Dare your best-mate to sing a song on a packed DART!
  • Dare your friends to go 24hours without their phone? Now that’s a challenge!
  • Dare someone to dress as a leprechaun and get on a city tour bus, the tourists will love it! Make sure to take lots of snaps..
  • Dare your most fashionable friend to backcomb their hair to within an inch of its life and go to work. Bad hair day!
  • Dare your whole sports team to have a game in fancy dress.
  • Dare to run – dare a friend to take on a marathon.
Inspired? Ready to Dare to Care?

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