Colour Dash FAQs

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Colour Dash is Back!

Phoenix Park, Aug 12 2023

Join Colour Dash today and come rain or shine you can be there for families affected by childhood cancer

Please see the answers to our most frequently asked questions below

How do I register?

Register online or call the Colour Dash team on Freephone 0818 10 20 30

What happens after I register?

2 weeks before the event takes place, we will post out your wristbands and map for the day. Please ensure you bring your wristbands as there is no access to the event without them.

What is the registration cost?

Registration is €35 donation per adult and €5 donation per child (under 12’s). All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Where is the event taking place?

The Colour Dash Dublin is taking place on Saturday 12th August in Phoenix Park, Dublin at 9.30am sharp.

Can I fundraise too?

Yes, you can set up your own online fundraising page and share your page with family and friends.

Funds raised from this year’s event will be used to provide free advice, practical support, grants and services to children, adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer in Ireland.

How do I set up an online fundraising page?

If you would like to create an online fundraising page we would be extremely grateful. Any extra donations raised online are greatly appreciated and will help to fund vital free services for children and families affected by childhood cancer in Ireland.

To set up your page please go to our JustGiving Colour Dash Page.

  1. Sign up for your JustGiving page
  2. Update your page  
  3. Share your page with friends and family

JustGiving is a great way to fundraise with friends and family. The donations go straight to the charity, so you don’t have to worry about lodging funds.

When does registration close?

Registration will remain open until Friday 11th August or when the event is sold out.

Can I take part with my kids?

Yes! The Colour Dash is ideal for families with young kids. For children under the age of 12, the registration fee is €5. Buggies are allowed on the day, however ride-ons, scooters and bikes are not permitted during the event.

What do I wear on the day of Colour Dash?

Wear as much light coloured clothing as you can during your Colour Dash, so that the colours show. Please wear old clothes and don’t wear anything you want to remain white. For bleached blonde hair, we recommend wearing a hat.

Are buggies & scooters permitted?

Buggies are allowed on the day, however ride-ons, scooters and bikes are not permitted during the event.

Will there be parking on the day?

There is very limited parking at the event. We advise using public transport or car-pooling where public transport is not possible. Please allow plenty of time on the morning for commuting to the event.

How do I find the starting line?

A week or 2 before the event we will send you a letter with your wristbands, including a map for the day highlighting the start and finish point of the course.

What do I need for the day?

It’s very important to bring the following:

  • Wristbands (no access to the event without them)
  • Sunscreen (factor 50)
  • Light coloured clothing
  • Plastic bag/bin liner – as your clothes will be more colourful than when you arrived, sitting on a bag on the way home may keep your car/public transport clean

What is the colour Dash paint made from?

The colouring used is 100% organic and natural; it will not have a negative effect on you in any manner, but please do wear old clothes.

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