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Stories of breast cancer patients and survivors

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Carmel O'Donohoe
Carmel's story

Clinical trials – 'It’s nice to be part of something bigger’

eimear coffey 2
Eimear Coffey

'It is important to know that there is hope around cancer, there are many success stories.'

mags 1
Mags Collins

'My story just goes to show the importance of getting yourself checked early on. If you find anything you’re worried about at all, go to your doctor.'

Aoife O'Brien
Aoife O'Brien

‘You can almost talk yourself out of getting checked.’

Edwina Hayes
Edwina Hayes

‘If I didn’t check myself I could have missed my lump.’

Annette Faherty 2
Annette Flaherty

'I got up at 8.00am to go to hospital, and by 12:30pm I was diagnosed with breast cancer.'

James and Breda
The Moore Family

'Grief is like a pendulum. Some days are easier than others.'

Fionnula O'Toole
Fionnula O’Toole

'I hope I can help people in the same situation as I am in' 

Audrey Keating Joyce 2
Audrey Keating Joyce

'Audrey had an amazing strength of character and bore her illness with great dignity.'

Ciara Ní Ghairbhí breast cancer survivor.
Ciara Ní Ghairbhí

'Early detection is so important... it’s easy to dismiss a pain or an ache.'

Karen Hanley

'I would consider myself very lucky to be diagnosed at such an early stage.'

Martina Balfe 2
Martina Balfe

'The hair loss is difficult to deal with but it’s a small price to pay.'

Emma Higginson
Emma Higginson

'I have cancer, this is my news, and this is what is going on with me at the moment.'

Viola O' Donovan
Prab Brar

'It’s not easy for me losing my breast, but I know there is no other option and I’m ready to take it head on.'

Rachael-Ann Mc Carney
Rachael-Ann Mc Carney

'It’s not something you expect to hear in your twenties, especially when you are feeling fine.'

Claire Brangan
Claire Brangan

'It is so important to have hope. Hope that you are going to get through it and you are going to be okay.'

Denise Kennerney
Denise Kennerney

'I thought my world was ending. I asked, why me? My first thoughts were about my four young children and my husband.'

Catriona Kavanagh
Catriona Kavanagh

'I would always say to women, check yourself at least once a month. Early detection is the best treatment out there.'

Eimear Cregg
Eimear Cregg

Eimear Cregg shares her experience of living with metastatic breast cancer 

Marguerite Sloan
Marguerite Sloane

'I went straight to the doctors on Monday morning. I initially wasn’t going to go, but of course I’m glad I did now.'

Catriona Kennedy
Catríona Kennedy

'If something doesn’t feel right, you do not have time to waste. Don’t be reluctant to speak to your doctor.'

Shampa Lahiri
Shampa Lahiri

'I was determined not to let cancer beat me. I kept a positive attitude throughout my treatment.'

Ger Dunphy
Geraldine Dunphy

'It happened to me and could happen to anybody. If even one person checks themselves after hearing my story, I’ll be happy.'

Marie Byrne
Marie Bryne

Clinical nurse specialist Marie from Limerick shares her experience and some words of support for others with metastatic breast cancer

Vicki McGrath
Vicki McGrath

'The decision straight away was double mastectomy and reconstruction. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I just wanted to live.'

Louise, Daffodil Day 2021
Louise Collins

'The hardest part about having cancer in 2020 was doing everything alone. I had to wave at my kids out the window. It was heart-breaking.'