Past research projects funded by us

Funded Projects

Project title Cancer typesort descending Research Institution Lead researcher Grant Amount
Targeting the Hsp70-IRE1 complex for cancer therapy All Cancers NUIG, Galway Ms Lisa Vincenz €120,000
Investigating the impact of cholesterol on anti-tumour NK cell responses All Cancers Trinity College Dublin Ms Katie O'Brien €120,000
How can the Irish Cancer Society adapt and deliver cancer prevention information to men over 40 years of age, from lower socioeconomic groups, taking into account potential health literacy and numeracy barriers? All Cancers University College Cork Dr Frances Drummond
Combined biotherapeutics for the treatment of metastatic cancer All Cancers UCC, Cork Dr Michelle Cronin €190,824
Social and spatial isolation as a determinant of cancer treatment and survival in Ireland All Cancers NCRI Dr Harry Comber €134,690
Uncoupling of death receptor-induced nuclear factor kappa B activation from apoptosis All Cancers NUIG, Galway Dr Eva Szegezdi €195,592
Targeting multidrug resistance in glioblastoma multiforme Brain Tumours RCSI & Beamount Dr Amanda Tivnan €212,789
Irish Cancer Society BREAST-PREDICT Collaborative Cancer Research Centre Breast UCD Professor William Gallagher €7,499,961
The role of ADAMs in mediating resistance to HER-targeted therapies Breast UCD Dr Patricia McGowan €217,936
Role of xbp1 in breast cancer development and resistance to therapy Breast NUIG, Galway Ms Patricia Cleary €120,000
The role of the anorectic neuropeptide CART in breast cancer Breast RCSI Mr Brian Mooney €139,500
The role of HER family gene mutations and other abnormalities in HER2-amplified breast cancer resistance to HER2-targeted therapies Breast RCSI & Beaumont Ms Naomi Elster €120,000
An analysis of how Q-tRNA influences breast cancer growth and metastasis Breast Trinity Ms Claire Fergus €116,950
To investigate how RACK1 facilitates the activity, substrate specificity and cellular location of PP2A in mammary epithelial cells Breast UL Ms Maeve Kiely €120,000
IGF-1-regulated Mitochondrial Protein PNC1 as a marker of breast cancer invasiveness Breast UCC Mr Michael Coleman €139,540
Health Inequalities in Childhood Cancer Survivors Childhood cancer NUI Galway Dr Michal Molcho €119,290
Molecular regulation of the tumor microenvironment in colon cancer metastasis Colorectal NUIG Dr Aideen Ryan €224,789
Metformin & Colorectal Cancer Outcomes Colorectal TCD Ms Susan Spillane €85,554
Examination of the role of thromboxane synthase signalling and its link to tumour angiogenesis in colorectal cancer Colorectal Trinity & St James's Dr Mary Clare Cathcart €196,694
Targeting Protein Kinase C in Colorectal Cancer Colorectal University of Limerick Ms Catriona Dowling €139,100
Investigating factors associated with compliance in the national population-based colorectal cancer screening programme, with particular emphasis on men Colorectal University College Cork Mr Nicholas Clarke €116,095
Development of Novel Isoquinolone Drugs for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Colorectal UCD Ms Clare Butler €137,100
Epigenetic regulation of the angiogenic switch and response to anti-angiogenic therapy in metastatic colorectal cancer Colorectal RCSI Dr Sudipto Das €235,000
Serological detection and biological validation of antibody-based biomarkers specific to colorectal cancer Colorectal Dublin City University Dr Gregor Kijanka €219,985
FLT3 signaling in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Leukaemia UCC, Cork Ms Joanna Stanicka €116,310
The interactions of Nox4 and Bcr-Abl in the survival of leukaemia cells Leukaemia UCC, Cork Mr William Landry €119,770
The Identification of Biomarkers that Predict Sensitivity/Resistance to PI3K Inhibitors Lung TCD & St James's Ms Susan Heavey €119,273
The role of the chemokine CCL28 (MEC) in oesophageal adenocarcinoma progression; interactions between the tumour and the immune system Oesophageal Trinity & St James's Dr Sarah Picardo €117,054
Tissue and serum microRNA signatures for predicting response to chemoradiotherapy of oesophageal adenocarcinoma Oesophageal TCD & St James's Dr Stephen Maher €208,001
Oesophageal cancer metastasis: investigation of the scaffolding protein RACK1 as a key player and therapeutic target Oesophageal Trinity College Dublin and St Jame's Hospital Ms Deirdre Duff €139,800
Enhancing treatment response to neo-adjuvant radiation therapy in oesophageal cancer with novel dual action drugs targeting tumour metabolism and angiogenesis Oesophageal Trinity College Dublin Ms Amy Buckley €120,000
Elucidating the crosstalk between oesophageal tumours and the immune response in patients receiving chemoradiation treatment: identification of novel prognostic markers and therapeutic strategies. Oesophageal TCD & St James's Dr Maria Morrissey €203,522
Exploring the link between obesity and oesophageal adenocarcinoma: the role of STAT3 inhibition Oesophageal TCD & St James's Dr Katie O'Sullivan €140,000
The importance of random mitochondrial mutations during disease progression in Barrett's Oesophagus Oesophageal Trinity & St James's Dr Naoimh O'Farrell €116,400
Investigation of the involvement of microRNAs in cell death susceptibility in Oesophageal Cancer Oesophageal UCC Dr Michelle Nyhan €225,000
Investigation of the role of GOLPH2 in oesophageal cancer progression and its potential use as a serum biomarker Oesophageal TCD & St James's Byrne, Dr Anne-Marie €203,199
Identification and characterisation of guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) which activate Rab25 during invasive ovarian cancer cell migration Ovarian UCC Dr Conor Horgan €204,769
The inverse resistance relationship between platinum and taxane chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. Ovarian TCD Dr Britta Stordal €197,173
Integrating biomarkers for the stratification of patients into insignificant and significant prostate cancer Prostate UCD, Dublin Professor William Watson €750,000
Pre-clinical development of stealth cyclodextrin siRNA nano-delivery systems for prostate cancer treatment Prostate UCC Professor Caitriona O'Driscoll €282,013
Cardiac Glycosides and Prostate Cancer Incidence, Outcomes Prostate Trinity & St James's Ms Eva Flahavan €86,554
Prognosis potential of miRNAs in high-risk radiotherapy prostate cancer patients Prostate Trinity College Dublin & St James's Hospital Dr Laure Marignol €297,372
DNA methylation in prostate cancer: further evaluation of GSTP1, SFRP2 and IGFBP3 as prognostic biomarkers and an unmasking of epigenetically controlled miRNAs Prostate TCD & St James's Dr Antoinette Perry €240,188
Bacterial-mediated therapy of prostatic tumours Prostate University College Cork Dr Mark Tangney €211,664
Building a pipeline for novel therapies in castrate-resistant disease: the SRF paradigm Prostate UCD Dr Maria Prencipe €225,000
Centrosome amplification and radiosensitization of prostate cancer cells Prostate NUIG Professor Ciaran Morrison €177,912
The use of non-viral vectors to effectively silence genes in primary and metastatic prostate cancer models Prostate University College Cork Mr James Evans €136,980
Therapeutic microRNA control of Prostate Cancer growth Prostate NUIG Dr Laura Barkley-Elliman €125,070
Thromboxane (TX)A2 -mediated PRK1 signalling in Prostate Cancer: Does the TXA2 Receptor Serve as a Chemotherapeutic Target? Prostate UCD Professor Therese Kinsella €296,041
Ultrafast dynamic contrast enhanced MRI using compressed sensing for improved prostate cancer diagnosis and staging Prostate TCD & St James's Mr Silvin Knight €138,700
To examine the effect of a MedEx Move On intervention on cancer survivor exercise adherence, health behaviour change and psychological wellbeing Survivorship Dublin City University Máiréad Cooney €117,720