The use of non-viral vectors to effectively silence genes in primary and metastatic prostate cancer models

Key Information

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Research Institution: 
University College Cork
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Start date: 
October 1, 2012
End date: 
September 30, 2016

Scientific Project Abstract

Recently scientists have discovered the genes that cause diseases such as cancer. We hope to design a gene medicine to help cure prostate cancer. This medicine will be designed in a special way so that it can travel through the blood to where the bad cancer cells are. This medicine will be able to enter the cancer cells and attack the bad genes that are making the person sick. The medicine will only harm the bad cancer cells, and will not harm any of the other healthy cells in the body. At the beginning we will give our medicine to mice that have cancer, if it helps to make the mice better and stops the cancer then we can give it to cancer patients to help them to get better.

For the non-scientist

One-line description: 
Treatment of prostate cancer through removal of important cancer-controlling genes
What this project involves: 

This project aims to develop a new treatment strategy for prostate cancer patients. Currently, one of the main problems with cancer treatment is finding ways to target and kill only the cancer cells in the body and leave the healthy cells in the body unharmed. The treatment strategy being developed in this study is design to kill only the cancer cells though a mechanism by which the cancer-causing genes in the cells are targeted.