Irish Cancer Society BREAST-PREDICT Collaborative Cancer Research Centre

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October 1, 2013
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September 30, 2018

Scientific Project Abstract

The Irish Cancer Society BREAST-PREDICT Collaborative Cancer Research Centre will use novel biological, mathematical and computational approaches built upon existing and new information to determine how to treat individual breast cancer patients, according to the particular characteristics of their own cancer. To do this, information that has already been collected regarding nearly every breast cancer patient in the country will be used, in addition to tumour samples from as many of these patients as possible.

Using these resources, we will carry out state-of-the-art studies into the exact nature of breast cancer in Irish patients by identifying the changes that take place in this complex disease which determine (a) whether patients respond to a particular drug, (b) how their cancers change over time while they are being treated, and (c) whether drugs that they may have been taking prior to their diagnosis has any effect on the outcome of their cancer treatment. As part of the programme, we will also test ways to find new treatment strategies, either by using existing drugs for the correct patient or by identifying new combinations of drugs that will help patients to beat their disease more effectively.

We will also develop new tools for improved prediction of patient outcome and response to treatment. Involving six leading academic centres around Ireland with expert computational and laboratory scientists, as well as a nationwide cancer-focused clinical trials group, BREAST-PREDICT represents a truly national effort to improve the lives of Irish breast cancer patients.

For the non-scientist

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From population to patient: using systems medicine to personalise breast cancer treatment
What this project involves: 

BREAST-PREDICT aims to find new ways of treating breast cancer patients at an individual level by using the specific generic make-up of a patients breast cancer to determine the precise  course of treatment they will receive.

Overall, BREAST-PREDICT aims to test new treatments strategies for breast cancer patients, understand how patients respond to certain drugs, study the evolution of breast cancer over the course of time and determine if exposure to commonly utilised drugs has an impact of the outcome of breast cancer patients.