Decoding Cancer

Book free tickets for "Decoding Cancer lunchtime talk: Keeping fit, stopping cancer" (1pm-2pm Wednesday 22 August 2018 @ The Wisdom Centre, Cork Street, Dublin 8)

The Irish Cancer Society’s latest ‘Decoding Cancer’ public talk focuses on the role exercise plays in cancer prevention and survivorship. This talk explores the striking impact that even moderate exercise can have on your wellbeing, and how it is a key and under-utilised weapon in beating cancer. 

The Irish Cancer Society is delighted to be partnering with ARC Cancer Support Centres to bring you this event.


From alternative treatments to fad diets, media and the internet is full of theories on how cancer can be caused, prevented or treated. But how much of this is true, and how much is fake news?

Decoding Cancer is all about separating the facts from the fiction when it comes to cancer. Run by the Irish Cancer Society, it’s a campaign that aims to dispel the myths around cancer and explore the many real advances being made in prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship.

Through a series of public talks, Decoding Cancer enables leading cancer experts to speak to the public in layman’s terms about a diverse range of topics and issues, from diet and exercise to cancer clinical trials.

Watch the latest Decoding Cancer talks on our YouTube channel.

These talks are for everyone – from cancer patient and their families, to any member of the public with an interest in cancer and cancer research.

Decoding Cancer talks are free to attend but require registration. So watch this space for news on future talks.

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