Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research

There are around 33,000 men in Ireland who are living with or have survived prostate cancer. But while research has led to huge strides in survival rates – from 35% to more than 90% over the past 40 years – much less focus has been placed on the impact which treatment and care can potentially have on prostate cancer patients.

What is IPCOR?

Do Irish men, who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, see big changes in their quality of life during and after treatment?

How does prostate cancer care in Ireland compare internationally?

These are just some of the questions being addressed in a €1.75 million collaborative cancer research initiative of the Irish Cancer Society and Movember Foundation that will ultimately lead to improved care and outcomes in prostate cancer care in Ireland.

The Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research (IPCOR) study was established in 2014 to assess the experience of prostate cancer patients and their quality of life and also to benchmark the quality of prostate cancer care in Ireland against international experience.

IPCOR involves the National Cancer Registry Ireland, the HRB Clinical Research Facility in Galway, the National Cancer Control Programme and major academic institutions represented by Molecular Medicine Ireland.

Through this initiative, researchers will, for the first time, collect data on clinical and patient-reported outcomes of hundreds of men who have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer across 17 Irish hospitals over a five-year period.

Participants will be asked about their experience of prostate cancer care, their physical and psychological wellbeing, and their quality of life before, during, and after treatment.

IPCOR is supported by:

Why is IPCOR collecting data?

Using this information, IPCOR will establish a registry that will better inform future care delivery and our knowledge of the disease, which sees more than 3,000 new cases being diagnosed in Ireland every year.

Ultimately the IPCOR registry will improve patient experiences and maximise quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland by informing doctors, hospitals and policymakers about future healthcare decisions and also promoting equal access to services and improvements in care nationally.

For more information, see the IPCOR website.

IPCOR - Latest News

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  • IPCOR published an article in the Spring 2016 Edition of Cancer Professional which outlines the establishment of the registry. Read the article.

  • IPCOR publised its second annual report in November 2016.

  • IPCOR published its first annual report in September 2015.