Boston-Ireland Cancer Collaboration

A fellowship programme aimed at advancing research for new treatments in prostate cancer care has been established as part of a new collaboration between the Irish Cancer Society, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the United States.

Dr Emma Allott, a native of Dublin, has been awarded the inaugural Professor John Fitzpatrick fellowship. Based in the University of North Carolina at Chapeil Hill, Dr Allott's €200,000 3-year research grant will fund research to further our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer. Her research began in 2016 and focusses specifically on the role of cholesterol and fat metabolism in advanced prostate cancer.

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The Professor John Fitzpatrick fellowship, the first research initiative to be announced under the Boston-Ireland prostate cancer collaboration was announced during the Inaugural John Fitzpatrick Irish Prostate Cancer Conference which took place in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on 23 and 24 April 2015. The fellowship is named in memory of Professor John Fitzpatrick, the former Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society marking his significant international contribution to prostate cancer research.

Prostate cancer represents a growing health challenge in both Ireland and the US, affecting nearly one in six men in their lifetime.

This cancer collaboration will bring together experts from research institutions in Ireland, the world-renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, with the aim of making a significant and lasting impact on the diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease.

The partnership will create strategic relationships enhancing already established programmes and initiatives in cancer biology, epidemiology, clinical practice and population health to make a real and lasting difference to prostate cancer patients and their families on both sides of the Atlantic. 

About the Prof John Fitzpatrick Fellowship

The fellowship programme established as part of the collaboration will address key clinical needs in prostate cancer such as accurate diagnosis, assessment of treatment options to ensure best quality of life and identification of new therapeutic targets for treatment-resistant disease. As the first recipient of the award, Dr Allott will initially carry out a two year research mentorship in the world-leading facilities provided by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She will then bring their expertise back to Ireland and integrate emerging state-of-the-art research methods into Irish prostate cancer research practice.

About Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is world-renowned for its leadership in adult and paediatric cancer treatment and research.Designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), it is one of the largest recipients among independent hospitals of NCI and National Institutes of Health grant funding.

About Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health brings together dedicated experts from many disciplines to educate new generations of global health leaders and produce powerful ideas that improve the lives and health of people everywhere. Founded in 1913 as the Harvard-MIT School of Health Officers, the school is recognized as America’s oldest professional training program in public health.

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