About Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centres

When the best cancer researchers, the best research institutions in Ireland, work together, we can see a future without cancer.

The vision and the ambition of the Irish Cancer Society is nothing less than a future without cancer. We believe that research is the key to making that happen.

We have always believed in the power of research to save lives. We are always looking for the next breakthrough, the discovery which will make the vital difference to cancer patients and their families.

We know that’s what you want too. In the 50 years since we were founded, we have been able to invest more than €30 million in cancer research, but only because you, the people of Ireland, have so generously given it to us.

Thanks to you, we have been able to fund hundreds of cancer research projects which have led to many discoveries and treatments, improving the lives of many cancer patients and saving many more.

Now we are taking our vision and our ambition for a future without cancer and creating something new, something never done before in the world.

Collaborative Cancer Research Centres - a global first

We have created Collaborative Cancer Research Centres, the first ever in Ireland.

These virtual centres are bringing together the skills and expertise of the top cancer researchers in Ireland, leaders in their field, who are already working in Ireland’s top academic institutions and hospitals.

  • They are clinical researchers who work with patients to make sure they get the newest and best possible treatments.
  • They are lab researchers, who work behind the scenes, examining what is working and what is not.
  • And they are population researchers, searching the data for trends, analysing, matching, finding answers in the information.

These experts will work together in a new way, in countrywide cancer research collaborations, combining their expert knowledge and information to produce results never possible before, results which we believe will save lives and create a future without cancer.

We are investing in the very best, to get the very best results, because together is better.

We are creating several collaborations, bringing powerful teams together from across the universities and hospitals of Ireland, in the common aim of saving lives and helping patients.

You can make a difference

Find out how you can contribute to these unique collaborations.