Types of research we fund

We fund a wide range of cancer research projects as well as young cancer researchers in universities and hospitals around the country. Our research includes

  • basic laboratory research to identify the causes of cancer,
  • translational research involving patient samples,
  • population based studies,
  • clinical trials to test the newest developments and
  • patient-centred research to improve the patient’s quality of life.

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Improving lives through research

We are committed to improving outcomes for patients through cancer research. We have funded hundreds of innovative research projects over the last four decades and we are now funding the next generation of top class cancer researchers.

We fund Research Scholarships to encourage the brightest and the best students in Ireland to complete a PhD in cancer research.

We also fund Research Fellowships to support the best junior cancer researchers in the country to continue their careers in cancer research.

How do we decide what research to fund?

Every year, we ask international cancer research experts from around the world to review all of our research proposals. Each proposal is thoroughly reviewed by at least three experts. Only research proposals that meet the highest standard of scientific merit and innovation, and demonstrate excellent track record and potential of the research team are recommended for funding. Unfortunately, there are always more excellent research proposals than we can fund. We need your support to increase funding for cancer research in Ireland.

Is our research being done anywhere else in the world?

We make sure that the money we invest in research is used for the best possible research, which will complement research being done elsewhere but will not be duplicated unneccessarily. We do this in two ways - firstly we ask anyone applying for funding from us to find researchers outside of Ireland who are doing similar work to their proposal. This helps our researchers to make sure their work has not been done already and helps them locate other researchers to collaborate with. Secondly, our international cancer research experts help to identify if any research proposals are being done in research centres elsewhere around the world.

Contact us at research@irishcancer.ie if you have any questions about cancer research.