Profile: Stephen's story

Cancer survivor Stephen

Stephen is a breast cancer survivor. This is his story.

Stephen was brushing his teeth one evening in 2009 when his wife asked him what was wrong with his nipple which had become inverted. She told him that it could be a sign of breast cancer and encouraged him to go to his GP the following day.

He also had a lump on his breast which was painless which he didn’t think was anything to worry about. The GP referred Stephen to see a consultant who ordered a biopsy.

Two days later he was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stephen had a mastectomy and shortly afterwards had an operation to remove some of his lymph nodes which were discovered to be cancerous. Following the surgery, he underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin treatment as well as going on the drug Tamoxifen for over five years.

Today, seven years later Stephen is doing well.

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