2016 Programme: What's Involved

The Fit for Work & Life programme trains people within the community so that as part of their existing role they can bring health and wellbeing messages to people they work with in their community.

The programme has been designed to be included as a module within existing accredited community training and education programmes. For example, the trainer might introduce this as a module within their back to employment, personal development or parenting courses.

the module units and session plans can also form part of other community education programmes or health education “taster” sessions. Fit for Work and Life programme can be used in in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle and wellbeing programmes, to empower participants and support them in making the healthy choice the easy choice. Examples include, Healthy Food Made Easy, Slí na Sláinte and other community organised physical activity groups or stress management programmes.

If you are interested in trainer as a Fit for Work and Life trainer please contact Joanne Vance jvance@irishcancer.ie or phone 01-2310500.


Become a Fit for Work & Life Participant

If you are looking for a change and feel that you want to be fit for work and life this programme will be of interest to you. It will equip you with the knowledge, practical skills and the appreciation for health and keeping well. We hope to encourage and support to live a healthier life. It will benefit you, your family and your community too.

If you are interested in taking part in the programme, why not take a look at where and when we are running the programme next or register your interest for future programmes by emailing jvance@irishcancer.ie.


Fit for Work & Life Programme Contents

Unit 1: What is Health?
Unit 2: Physical Activity
Unit 3: Healthy Eating
Unit 4: Smoking
Unit 5: Alcohol and Health
Unit 6: Reduce Your Risk and Early Detection
Unit 7: Making Changes and Sharing with Your Community

Programme Aims

• To increase participants’ skills and competence to live a healthy life and to use these skills in the context of their family and their working life.
• To encourage the learner to share this knowledge with people in their community.

Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
1. Describe what the key components of a healthy life are, specifically focusing on healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol, quitting smoking, minding yourself and being sun smart.
2. Describe the concepts underpinning the European Code Against Cancer - including healthy eating, physical activity, being a healthy weight, not smoking, alcohol, being sunsmart and early detection.
3. Explain the basics of health promotion and how the social determinants of health can influence an individual’s overall health and well-being.
4. List the benefits of being active, the national guidelines for physical activity and how physical activity can be incorporated into their life and the lives of the people in their community.
5. Describe the food pyramid, how to use it and explain how to read food labels and describe how food marketing and food availability can impact on the health of their family and community.
6. Describe the health effects of tobacco, the contents of a cigarette, the options and tips for quitting and supports available.
7. Explain the risks of alcohol consumption, the benefits of reducing this risk and the influence of alcohol marketing on choice.
8. List ways to reduce the risk of cancer and what to look out for that might be early signs of cancer and list the screening programmes available in Ireland.
9. Reflect on own personal life style, including changes made as a result of new learning by maintaining a lifestyle diary, recording food intake, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking.
10. Practice sharing the key healthy lifestyle messages along with information on the services of the Irish Cancer Society and the screening programmes available in Ireland.