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The Unmet Needs of Cancer Survivors in Ireland: A Scoping Review 2019

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The Real Cost of Cancer

This report on research commissioned by the Irish Cancer Society and carried out by Millward Brown reveals that many cancer patients face a financial crisis while they are going through their treatment.  A large number of patients face a severe drop in income while at the same time running up extra bills on a range of items such as home heating, parking, childcare, travel, prescription charges, hospital stays among other costs.

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More information about the Real Cost of Cancer campaign.

Published: October 2015

Cork Cancer Action Report 2017

Establishing a Community Focused Approach to Cancer Prevention in Cork City North West (Fairhill, Farranree and Gurranabraher).
A report undertaken on behalf of the Cork Cancer Action Network and facilitated by the Irish Cancer Society Health Action.

TTIP, ISDS and the Implications for Irish Public Health Policy

This report by Dr Joshua Curtis and Dr John Reynolds looks at the public health policy implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a planned trade agreement currently being negotiated by officials from the United States and the EU, which aims to reduce regulation and stimulate economic growth.

Evaluation of Irish Cancer Society Cancer Information Services

Men and Cancer

Man to Man - Irish Stories of Hope in Prostate Cancer

Strategy Statement 2013-17 - "Towards a Future without Cancer"

We Can Quit Report 

This report gives information on the findings of research into the Irish Cancer Society We Can Quit pilot project.

Learn more about the Irish Cancer Society We Can Quit programme.

Women and Cancer

Breast Cancer Reports

Prostate Cancer Reports