Tips to make your fundraiser a success

  • Set a fundraising goal. Having a target to reach is a great motivator to you and anyone helping you to help reach your goal! There is no minimum amount you must raise.
  • Shout it from the rooftop: Tell everyone you know about your fundraiser; by phone, by email, across your social media profiles. Advertise your event with the poster included in your sponsorship pack in your local shop or pub. Remember to tell everyone the valuable work that the Irish Cancer Society does. The more people know the more they will give!
  • Follow up: Remind your friends who have committed to donate and keep them updated on your training progress. Make sure you thank everyone for their donation and send polite reminders to those people after the event who pledged sponsorship.
  • Matched gifts: Find out if your company or workplace has a matching gift scheme, they may be able to double your fundraising total!
  • Don't be afraid to ask. A lot of people aren't comfortable asking their friends, family and colleagues for money. But with 40,000 new cancer diagnoses in Ireland each year, most people will have a personal connection to cancer. Don't hesitate to tell them your connection and ask for a donation - any amount will do. And remember, the worst thing they can do is say no.

Tell your story to get more attention

Getting the local press to publicise your event can be a great way of adding to your fundraising total. The more emotion and feeling you put into your event, the more interesting it will be to the media.

Check out our handy guides to getting press to cover your event:

Fundraise online

Create a personalised fundraising web pageIn addition to sponsorship cards, we encourage all fundraisers to set up a free online fundraising page through our partner, JustGiving. Online fundraising is safe, easy and allows you to easily get the word out about your event by sharing across your social media profiles.

You can personalise your fundraising page with photos and videos and use it to tell your story about why you're raising money for the fight against cancer.

Fundraising online makes it easier for supporters to donate - they can pledge you using their debit or credit card, or through PayPal.

Create a fundraising page

More tips to make your event a success

Whether you’re a first time fundraiser or a seasoned professional we are delighted to have you on board!
  • Fundraising. Know your budget and set targets for your income. Find as many ways as possible for the event to make money. Seek sponsorship in kind for things like your venue, facilities and prizes.
  • The details. Pick an appealing theme or activity that people will be glad to get involved in, then find the ideal spot to suit. 
  • Date. Pick a date and time that will suit as many people as possible – and do your best to avoid clashes.
  • Guests. Consider who your event is aimed at, who to invite and whether you want to put an upper or lower limit on numbers attending.
  • Planning. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. Keep safety in mind and carry out a risk assessment if needs be.
  • Get the word out! Use every channel available to tell people about your event. Be sure to reach the right people.

Now that you've got the fundraising sorted, don't forget to check out our tips and resources for promoting your event,

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016