Shave or Dye fundraising tips

Thank you so much for signing up to do Shave or Dye to benefit the Irish Cancer Society!

The funds you raise as part of your shave or dye challenge will be used to fund cancer research and give free services and support to patients facing cancer across the country.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your fundraising:

Quick and easy fundraising ideas

Dying your Hair? Get your friends or colleagues to vote for the colour and charge a fee for each vote.

Bad Hair Day. Set a fundraising target and promise to have a 24 hour bad hair day if you can reach your target. It’s all for a good cause so have fun with it--the crazier the hair the better! Don’t forget to share your photos and #ohmy.

Bigger is better. You don’t have to do this alone! Why not get your friends or colleagues involved and Shave, Dye or Mess your hair together?!

Hold a Shave or Dye event locally. It can be a table quiz, concert, dancing or singing competition. Charge a small fee at the door and encourage local businesses to donate raffle prizes.

Get competitive! You and your friends could compete for the worst hair, upload the images to your social media pages and ask your friends to vote for the craziest hair and donate €2 by texting SHAVE to 50300 or donating to your Justgiving online fundraising page.

Get your work involved. Ask everyone to Shave or Dye, have the option of donating a set fee for those who don’t want to take part, make it interesting and have a competition between teams to see who can have the craziest hair or raise the most funds.

Tips to make the most of your Shave or Dye

Promote, promote, promote. Use your Facebook page/workspace/email signature to ask for sponsorship regularly.

Send regular updates. Let your friends and families know how you’re getting on via your social media pages with a link to your online fundraising page. This should act as a reminder and encourage people to donate.

Ask for support. Visit the local shops, pubs, clubs and associations in your area and ask for their support. Shaving or Dying your hair? Ask a local hairdresser to donate their time and Shave or Dye your hair for free.

Holding an event? Try and see if you can get the room for a discounted price, ask local shops to donate prizes, see if you can get the entertainment at a discounted price. If you don’t ask you’ll never know!

Set a fundraising target. Set a target amount that you would like to reach, make it achievable but not too easy. Having a target may encourage someone to donate a little extra to help you raise your goal.

Remind them why. Don’t forget to let people know where their money will be going. You can share the link to our website or share our social media posts to inform your friends of the work we do.

Raise money online

Fundraise on Facebook

Did you know you can fundraise through Facebook? If you haven't already, consider taking your Shave or Dye fundraising to the next level by creating a fundraiser on Facebook. Your friends, family and co-workers can donate easily and securely right through Facebook, and the money gets deposited right into the Irish Cancer Society bank account.

Fundraising through Facebook also makes it possible for your friends and family who live elsewhere to contribute to your event.

How to get started with Facebook fundraising:

  1. Head over to the Irish Cancer Society Facebook Page.
  2. Click the "+ Raise money" button.

    Facebook will ask you to set a fundraising target and the date your fundraiser should end - these are both up to you!
  3. Add a description to your fundraiser to tell your story about why you're participating. It's good to tell your story - it shows your friends and family members that this means something to you and they'll be more likely to give you a donation.You can also add an image to your fundraiser.

And you're done! Now, share your fundraiser with your Facebook friends and get the word going about your event!

Create an online fundraising page at JustGiving

Did you know that online fundraisers raise more than those fundraising with sponsorship cards? It’s super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Set up your fundraising page in 30 seconds using your email address or Facebook.
  3. Share your fundraising page via email or post it to Facebook and start collecting donations immediately!

Challenge a friend to take on Shave or Dye!

  1. Take a picture of you and your chosen style.
  2. Upload the picture on your social media page and #ohmy.
  3. Nominate a friend to do the same.
  4. Donate €4 by texting SHAVE to 50300.

We are here for you every step of the way! Once you’ve signed up, you will receive your fundraising pack including a t-shirt, fundraising guide and sponsorship cards. If you need any help along the way, contact our team on CallSave 1850 60 60 60 or email