For those of you out there who for one reason or another can’t Shave or Dye your hair fear not--you can still join in on the fun! This year we have the added element of Oh My asking the public to recreate hairstyles of the past or have the mother of all bad hair days.

You can channel your inner punk rocker and embrace the mohawk, pay tribute to the 80s and claim back the mullet or go crazy with a hairbrush and exhibit the definition of the ultimate Bad Hair Day!

Ways to get involved

  1. Take a picture of you and your chosen style.
  2. Upload the picture on your social media page and use the hashtag #ohmy.
  3. Nominate a friend to do the same.
  4. Donate €4 by texting SHAVE to 50300.

Make your #ohmy picture your profile picture and help create awareness.