Dell Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society continue partnership on Daffodil Day 2016

Dell Ireland first came on board as lead partner of Daffodil Day in 2011 and the relationship has developed into a really impressive collaboration. The partnership sees Dell’s full team of 2,300 people in Ireland get involved in the campaign in some capacity – from skills sharing through to on-street collecting.

2016 is the last year of Dell’s official corporate sponsorship of Daffodil Day and the company plans to make it make the most ambitions campaign to date. Employees are already planning their fundraising initiatives on site and are supporting the Irish Cancer Society in the implementation of its plans for 2016.

Dell’s team contributes technological expertise updating the Daffodil Day app, which facilitates people in donating on the go and in tracking down the Daffodil Day merchandise seller nearest them. Dell also contributes logistical, marketing and social media support to the campaign, in addition to people power as its team takes to the streets in Dublin, Limerick and Cork as volunteer collectors. Community teams from each of Dell’s Irish campuses plan a series of innovative fundraisers on Daffodil Day and throughout the year to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Key achievements of the partnership since it began include:

  • Held 130+ fundraising events.
  • Donated 19,000 hours of their time through volunteering.
  • Raised €369,915 through employee fundraising activities.
  • 2,300 Dell volunteers have taken part in Daffodil Day activities including street collections in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.
  • Dell’s team created and updated the Daffodil Day app working in concert with the Irish Cancer Society, utilising its technological expertise for a great cause.
  • Dell and the Irish Cancer Society developed a social media strategy for the campaign, boosting reach with competitions for Dell products.
  • Logistical support offered for key aspects of the campaign – from merchandise preparation to assistance in creating the Garden of Hope.
  • Marketing and public relations support to help the campaign reach mainstream and corporate audiences, with other businesses urged to lend their support.

Get your company involved

You can bring the colour of Daffodil Day to your company on Friday, March 11th, 2016. Find out more about getting your workplace involved.

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