About the Irish Cancer Society Father's Day Campaign

Irish dads spend their lives supporting us from the ‘sidelines’…cheering us on, coaxing, advising, defending, loving us… always there. The issue is that while they’re concentrating on supporting us from the sidelines they often sideline their own health and wellbeing, failing to give the time and focus needed to themselves.

This year in Ireland alone 10,000 men will hear the words "you have cancer." With your help, we want to reduce that number and for those that do hear it we want it to be caught earlier and to be there for them every step of the way.

Our fathers have appreciated us all the days of our lives, this father’s day it’s time to show our appreciation and support our dads and other men’s lives by encouraging them to put themselves and their health first.

How your support helps dads

Father and daughter

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