Training for your Marathon in a Month: Getting ready

Getting Ready to Move – No more excuses

If you don’t have a reason to get out and run/walk, it’s easy to make an excuse. As the days and weeks pass without activity, we lose our confidence, our motivation and then gradually our fitness. We forget how fabulous running and walking makes us feel. We may even feel a little guilty and jealous every time we see another runner/walker looking comfortable. Don't let that happen to you this summer. This July, the Marathon in a Month programme is the perfect kickstart to help get you moving and motivated while helping a very worthy cause.

Making a commitment

There will always be housework, homework and jobs to be done. If you want to feel more feeling more energetic and confident, you have to make it an appointment for activity in your diary that you cannot cancel. We all have a few spare minutes each day that can be dedicated to helping us feel good and helping a good cause. We tend to fill these minutes with chores or spend these minutes on Facebook or watching TV.

Start small

The key to running/walking success is to start small and build up a routine from there. If exercise is too complicated or time consuming you will just give up. Get your family and friends involved. Make a commitment to meet someone else. Getting started is the hardest bit. Carve out the time in your day for exercise and your body and your family will thank you for it. Set an example for the family this July and let the ‘Marathon in a Month’ be your reason to get moving.

Age doesn’t matter

We can all benefit from fresh air, moving and being active. Start where you are right now and make the commitment to make a small improvement each day. If you are not comfortable walking long distances, start by parking the car a little further away from the shops and build up walking in that way. You don’t need fitness clothing and gadgets to get moving. All you need is the right attitude and the commitment to do a little more than you currently do and very gradually your strength and confidence will increase.

Feeling better

We will be more productive, happy and energetic if we take a little bit of time to get moving, get active and get outdoors. This energetic atmosphere transfers to our home, our relationships and our work environment too. If you are feeling good, the mood is contagious and you can inspire others to get involved too.

Make the most of our days

Who knows where you will be this time next year. You have the time now so it’s all about getting out there and making the most of it. It’s up to you to make the decision and the time to get active this July and all for a good cause too. It’s not too late to get started no matter what stage in life you are at. Don’t put it off any longer. Let’s get up and go.