Night Nurse Profile: Jessica

Night Nurse Jessica

Jessica from Wexford is one of the Irish Cancer Society's newest additions to our Night Nursing team, and we're happy she can share some of her experiences with you. Jessica has been providing vital end of life care and support for cancer patients in the comfort of their own homes during their last days, for the past 2 years.

"I had been nursing an outstanding woman who was in the final stages of her illness. She was wife to a loving husband and mother to 3 young children. To me, they were “the perfect family". The night she passed away, I had noticed a sudden change in her condition and whispered quietly to her husband (who was sitting at her beside) “...this is it now. Give her a kiss". Her husband dropped to his knees, threw his arms around her and gave her one final kiss before she took her last breath. I hugged him as I left later that morning and he thanked me for the “gift" I had given him, of giving him that perfect final moment."

"Everybody has the right to die in a peaceful and dignified manner. It can be such a anxious, stressful and difficult time for patients and families. The night nursing service provides essential support and care to ensure the process is peaceful, comfortable and dignified. More so, patients are able to remain at home with one on one care from a registered nurse."

"It's difficult, but it is also an absolute privilege. I enter people’s homes and lives at such a personal and difficult time. I get to nurse a patient with no time constraints or pressure and I get to go home knowing I did a good job and that everything was as close to perfect as can be. It makes me appreciate everything I have in my own life."

Thank you to everyone who has fundraised and supported the Irish Cancer Society, and continues to do so. Your efforts are what helps us ensure that no-one has to face a cancer diagnosis in Ireland alone.

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