Night Nurse Profile: Anne

anne brady

Anne has been a Night Nurse for the Irish Cancer Society for 9 years, and has been a hospice nurse in both the UK and Ireland for more than 30. Her passion for working in palliative care and support for cancer patients stems from how personal and individualised the care needs to be, how much it means to the patient, and how much each day can differ from the next.

"My job can be difficult but it is one of the last jobs left in nursing where I have the time to do the job properly and truly holistically. Sometimes I hit the ground running and don't stop, other times I get a quiet night and everything in-between. Every patient, every family, every home, every situation is different. I learn as much from my patients and families as they learn from me. It carries its own rewards.

What I do is important to patients (not just cancer patients) and their families because it helps people to live right up until they can't anymore and then helps them to die peacefully, surrounded by their loved ones, where they want to be, with everyone understanding and supporting what is happening. Hopefully it will also soften the edges of people's grief knowing that they have done their very best.

"My best memories are the times that I encourage people to do exactly what they want to do whether that is being present or not, laughing or crying (usually a mix), singing their loved one or snuggling up beside them."

Thank you to everyone who has fundraised and supported the Irish Cancer Society, and continues to do so. Your efforts are what helps us ensure that no-one has to face a cancer diagnosis in Ireland alone.

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