Pre-call announcement MRCG-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2019


The MRCG-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2019 is due to launch in October 2019. 

The scheme enables MRCG-registered research charities to support research of particular interest to specific patient populations. The scheme provides funding for research projects in disease areas that are of strategic relevance to individual MRCG-registered research charities.


The theme for our call is- Immuno-oncology 

Immuno-oncology is the study of the role of the immune system in the control, progression and development of cancer; the most well-known application is cancer immunotherapy, which utilises the immune system as a treatment for cancer.

Recent advances in our understanding of the immune system and its role in cancer has led to the revitalisation of the field of immuno-oncology with immunotherapy becoming a clinically validated treatment for many cancer types. However, although immunotherapy regimes show promise and have produced dramatic results for some patients, these types of responses are only observed in a subset of some malignancies and side effects can be severe.

Therefore, it is clear that much remains to be understood about the potential for immune-based treatments in cancer and more translational research is needed in this area to identify how best to make impactful treatment advances which improve patient outcome.

To address this the Irish Cancer Society, as part of the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding scheme 2019, is inviting applications to support inter-disciplinary and/or inter-institutional translational research in the area of immuno-oncology.

Your proposal should address key questions in the immunology of cancer and be translational in nature (ie directly focussed on improving outcome for cancer patients).

Further Guidance 

The call documentation and timeline have not yet been finalised, however, it is likely that there will be a short application submission period.   

Therefore, we encourage interested applicants to begin thinking about suitable projects in the theme area.

As a guide please see information on the MRCG-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2018. However, please note that the MRCG-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2019 will be different to the 2018 scheme. In particular the themes are different. Call documentation and eligibility criteria may also be different. 

It is envisaged that the Society will officially launch the MRCG-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2019 at end of September/ October 2019. Any updates will be announced on the Society website. 

Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, August 26, 2019