EU Smoke Free Youth Exchange

Applications now open for EU Smoke Free Youth Exchange 2.0!

The Irish Cancer Society X-HALE Programme is delighted to announce that we are part of an EU funded project in partnership with Smart Youth Sweden and Team Oasis Children's Charity in the UK.  Based on the application process, we will select 8 young people and up to 3 adult youth leaders to travel exchanges in Sweden and the UK in October 2019 and February 2020!  In total, there will be 33 young people and youth leaders from Sweden, England and Ireland , don't miss out on the opportunity to apply if you think you could be a smoke free advocate on the European stage! 

Details of the Exchange Trips:
•    The trip to Sweden will take place from October 26th to November 1st 2019. 
•    The trip to UK will take place February 19th to 26th 2020 (will require permission to be absent from school/centre for 3 days outside midterm break) 
•    Throughout the exchanges, participants will learn about smoking and prevention in each country, develop skills in sharing messages about tobacco through film, take part in workshops and activities, attend movie night discussions, hear about each countries traditions, attend a Halloween fancy dress party, visit parliaments and explore host cities. On return participants will be ideally placed to continue being smoke free advocates in their communities and at national level supported by the Irish Cancer Society and partner organisations. 

The exchange is funded by the Erasmus+ programme however there is a participation fee of €50 per person attending. This includes travel, food, accommodation and activities during both exchanges (if this is an issue for you, please get in touch).  If you will are chosen and accepted and then drop out once flights/accommodation has been booked for you without a valid reason, you will not be refunded the €50 participation fee  and you will be responsible for the expenses that have been paid for you, such as travel and accommodation. You will also need your own pocket money. Please only apply if you can commit to attending both exchanges and you fulfill all requirements outlined below .

Applicant Requirements

To apply you must:
•    Be a current or past participant of the Irish Cancer Society X-HALE Youth Smoking Prevention Programme (young person or youth worker)
•    Be between the ages of 13-17 years old at the time of the exchanges for young people (born on before Feb 27th 2002 and October 25th 2006) or be over 18 years+ for youth workers/adult volunteers
•    Take part of both exchanges in autumn and winter 
•    Have permission from your parents and school/centre to participate (for young people) or from your employer (for youth workers/adult volunteers)
•    Have a valid passport
•    Comply with the requirements for all participants outlined in the application form (No smoking, vaping, use of other tobacco products or illegal drugs at any time throughout the exchanges, everyone is acting as a smoke free advocate. No drinking alcohol at any time, we are committed to creating a safe and health promoting environment for all. In line with health and safety, everyone must comply with day time activity instructions and sleeping arrangements as outlined by leaders, to ensure that leaders can account for the whereabouts of all participants at all times)

How to Apply
To apply, please complete the online application form and tell us why you should be selected for this exchange. All applicants must submit their own application form- group applications on behalf of multiple applicants will not be accepted. Application closing date is August 28th 2019 at 5pm. 

Closing date for applications is August 28th at 5pm!

Complete and submit the application form online before August 28th @ 5pm to be in with a chance of being selected!

PDF of application form- for review purposes only, please submit your application through the online form