opinion about this before went to pay $250 for the test

May 21, 2019 - 11:20

I'm not an inspector, but I wanted to post this on an official forum because I want to verify I'm not alone and to hopefully ease my concerns a bit. I grew up in a house that I discovered has radon levels in the bedrooms of about 27.9 pCi/L and 24.9 pCi/L (basement ~40 pCi/L). My parents have lived in the house for ~43 years and are fine and I have no ill-effects so far; I've been out of the house ~10 years (lived there ~20 years). Luckily, I'm not and never have been a smoker. I have received numerous reassurances that I am not necessarily doomed to get lung cancer, but the prospect still terrifies me. I did see a past post about the highest levels people have found, and some are quite a bit higher than mine....have people commonly found levels as high as what I grew up with? Do you think my situation is quite common? Has anyone else grown up in a house with comparable levels? It appears as though a lot of people still haven't tested so they could easily be living with high levels as well. I'm quite anxious, so only serious replies, please...(I'm in Pennsylvania, by the way, so I know I'm in a "hot zone" for radon).

May 24, 2019 - 07:18

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