HSE additional Coronavirus headwear grant for eligible cancer patients who are unable to attend a wig fitting due to Coronavirus

Last Reviewed: 23 June 2020

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, some cancer patients who hold a medical card and would otherwise be eligible for a wig grant from the HSE have been unable to attend for fittings due to current Coronavirus restrictions. As a result, these patients have been unable to access wigs and hair pieces. 

To address this, the HSE have agreed to provide an additional grant of €80 for medical card holders who ordinarily qualify for a wig grant from the HSE. This funding will be available for patients to purchase headwear such as headscarves, bandanas, or other headwear that can be accessed without need for a fitting. 

Further information on this financial grant:

  • This is an €80 payment to be used by eligible patients who hold a medical card and cannot attend wig fittings due to COVID-19. This funding is available to purchase headwear that does not require fittings e.g. headscarves, turbans, bandanas and other headwear. 
  • This funding will not decrease the monetary value of a patients’ grant entitlement to a wig/ hair piece when they are eventually able to attend for a fitting.
  • The €80 grant can be accessed in the same way that the regular wig grant is accessed i.e. patients will need to present their medical card and a letter from their GP to a HSE-registered retailer who would apply to the relevant local HSE Community Health Organisation (CHO) on their behalf for headwear. The relevant CHO will then determine a patients’ eligibility in line with eligibility criteria for the existing HSE wig grant for medical card holders. 
  • Patients should source headwear from a HSE-registered wig supplier. These are retailers who are familiar with the HSE grant scheme and already apply to local CHOs on behalf of patients to avail of the regular HSE wig grant scheme. 
  • Patients should contact their preferred HSE-registered retailer to discuss logistics re orders i.e. phone/ online, and the best way to make selections.
  • Patients can speak to their local CHO for further details on accessing this payment.
For more information, contact the Irish Cancer Society Support Line

The Irish Cancer Society continues to be available to provide support and information on this matter or any other queries related to cancer through its Freephone Support Line on 1800 200 700.

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