Tests after a children's cancer diagnosis

Teenager undergoing blood test

Your child may have more tests after their diagnosis to find out:

  • How large is the cancer?
  • Where exactly is the cancer?
  • Has the cancer spread to any other parts of their body?
  • What type of cancer do they have?

This is called staging. Staging tests include:

  • CT scan: A special type of X-ray to give a picture of the tissues inside your body.
  • MRI scan: This is a scan that uses magnetic energy to build up a picture of the tissues inside your body. During the scan you will lie inside a tunnel-like machine. 
  • PET scan: Using a radioactive injection that will show up any cancer spread to other parts of your body on a scan picture.  
  • Bone scan: A scan that is carried out after a small amount of radioactive dye is given via injection - this can show areas of abnormal bone on a scan, which may be caused by cancer.

Staging is important as it helps your medical team decide on the best treatment for your cancer. 

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