After treatment for children's cancer

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What follow-up will be needed?

No matter what type of cancer treatment your child gets, they will still need to go back to hospital for regular check-ups once it is over. This is called follow-up. 

The follow-up may involve having a physical exam, blood tests and scans. 

It’s very important to go to all the follow-up appointments, to make sure everything is well and to make sure there are no symptoms or side-effects.

If your child is  in between check-ups and have a symptom or problem that is worrying you, let your doctor know. Make an appointment to see him or her as soon as possible.

Feelings after treatment

Adjusting to life after treatment can be difficult, for both you and your child. There can be a range of emotions, which can appear sometimes months or years after treatment.  You may feel anxious about the cancer coming back or feel alone or lost without the support of the medical team and the routine of hospital visits. In time, these feelings should pass, though.

You might find it helpful to get support for you or your child from a counsellor or support group

Read more about how to cope with these feelings and adjust to life after cancer. You can also call our Support Line or visit a Daffodil Centre to talk to a Cancer Nurse in confidence. 

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