Bowel cancer survivor Shane Kirwan
April 11, 2016

Shane's bowel cancer story

When aged 40, I started to experience constipation and cramping for three or four days. I decided to go to my GP straight away. My GP did a physical exam and referred me for a colonoscopy, a simple procedure which examines the inside of the bowel.

The colonoscopy showed I had very early stage bowel cancer. I was referred for surgery and had my bowel re-sectioned. I didn’t require any further treatment as I was diagnosed at stage one of bowel cancer. The day I got out of hospital, my beautiful daughter Heidi was born. She is aged five years now and I am glad that I took action early so that I can see her grow up.

My advice to anyone experiencing any symptoms which are unusual for them is to take action early and visit your GP without delay. I was pro-active about my health and as a result, I was diagnosed at an early stage of bowel cancer with several treatment options available to me.

Concerned about bowel cancer?

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