Providing practical support to make a cancer diagnosis easier on patients

Practical support provided by the Irish Cancer Society aims to reduce the everyday worries everyone faces - paying bills, finding a lift to treatment, having someone to talk to.

For cancer patients, our practical supports range from providing transport to and from chemotherapy appointments, to providing financial assistance to parents of children with cancer who are experiencing financial hardship.

The impact of your support: Over 1,300 cancer patients were able to get to their chemotherapy treatments

Volunteer driver Cormac standing by his car
Cormac, Irish Cancer Society volunteer driver

Last year, thanks to your support, Irish Cancer Society volunteers were able to give 12,000 lifts to patients so they could get to their chemotherapy appointments in hospital.

Our Volunteer Driver Service currently operates in 23 hospitals around the country and gives free lifts to patients to and from their chemotherapy treatment. In 2017, our volunteers provided transport for over 1,300 cancer patients to and from their hospital chemotherapy treatments. Our 1,200-strong team of volunteer drivers clocked up 1.2 million kilometres to aid cancer patients.

The service is free for patients undergoing chemotherapy and provided by volunteers who donate their time to make sure patients are able to get to treatment. Although this is a free service staffed by volunteers, it's an expensive service to maintain - each year, over a thousand patients need over 10,000 lifts coordinated across the country, with volunteer drivers receiving a small allowance to cover the cost of petrol and car insurance.

Meet Margaret, one of our amazing volunteer drivers

Learn more about the Volunteer Driver Service or consider becoming a volunteer driver.

The impact of your support: Over 1,500 patients received financial assistance thanks to your support

Grants totalling €248,054 were provided to 402 cancer patients nationwide through the Society’s Financial Support programme supporting parents of children who are undergoing cancer treatment and experiencing financial hardship.

Read more about our Financial Support Programme.

For cancer patients who are having difficulty getting to and from their treatments, we administer transportation assistance on behalf of the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) called Travel2Care.

This fund is available to patients travelling to the eight designated cancer care centres in Ireland (Beaumont Hospital, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, St James’s Hospital, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Waterford regional Hospital, University Hospital Galway and Mid-Western Regional Hospital Limerick) and approved satellite centre (Letterkenny General Hospital).

In 2016, 1,130 patients were assisted with transport costs to the sum of €242,533 from the Travel2Care transportation assistance fund.

Read more about Travel2Care.

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