Raising awareness about how to prevent cancer from happening in the first place

4 out of 10 cancers cases are preventable by following the European Code Against Cancer - 12 easy lifestyle habits to reduce the risk of many forms of cancer.

Each year, the Society runs annual national awareness campaigns and a number of programmes designed to raise awareness of cancer symptoms, cancer prevention and to support people to make lifestyle changes that can help reduce their risk of cancer.

How our prevention campaigns are stopping cancer in Ireland

Spreadin12 Ways to Reduce Your Risk 2017g the word about cancer prevention in communities across the country

The Society provides a range of Reduce your Risks talks and stands within the community and workplace settings. Volunteers are available in Cork and Dublin to give talks to community groups and to disseminate health awareness publications.

Thanks to your support, last year the Society had contact with over 2,500 members of the public and raised awareness about cancer prevention, early detection and supports available.

We also work to keep the public aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer - the earlier cancer can be detected, the better the chances for treatment and survival. Last year nearly 200,000 people visited www.cancer.ie to learn about ways to reduce their risk of cancer, from watching our video Spot Cancer Early to downloading our infographic about the 12 ways you can reduce your risk of cancer.

X-HALE: Encouraging youth to not start smoking through our film competition

The X-HALE initiative is rolled out by the Society each year as part of the ongoing fight to decrease the number of young people smoking.

Youth groups across Ireland are supported in creating their own anti-smoking campaigns to encourage their peers and communities to be tobacco free. Last year, €8,875 was granted to 32 youth groups across the country.

Watch: 2017 Senior Category Winner by Edenderry Youth Café with their short Don’t Let Yourself Rot from the Inside Out

Watch: 2017 Junior Category Winner by Bounce Back Youth Services - Wrong Choices

Learn more about X-HALE and take a look at the 2017 entries.

Training people to deliver cancer prevention messages in their local communities

Graduates of the Fit for the Work and Life programme
Graduates of the Fit for Work and Life programme in 2017

Fit for Work and Life is a 12 week health and well-being programme based on the European Code against Cancer and the Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion. The purpose of the programme is to build participants’ understanding of the importance of health and keeping well for their family and their working lives.

We do this by training local people who live and work in their community to an accredited standard and support them to deliver the programmes to members of their community through existing community services.

194 people graduated from Fit for Work and Life in 2017.

We Can Quit: Helping women to quit smoking through a supportive environment

We Can Quit is a 12-week programme offered to women in target communities in Dublin and Cork where smoking prevalence is high. This free programme offers women a supportive environment in which to quit smoking. It offers one to one support, group support and Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The programme supported 161 women last year.

Watch: The impact of We Can Quit: A former smoker talks about being smoke-free

We Can Quit is currently in a test phase, running in select communities in Dublin and Cork. With continued investment and experience we hope to expand the programme to other communities and to men as well. Read more about the We Can Quit programme.

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