Empowering you with information about cancer

At the Irish Cancer Society we want people to feel empowered to do all they can to stop cancer.

Through information on our website and in our cancer booklets, we let cancer patients, their families and the general public know the facts about individual cancers, from signs and symptoms to treatments and ways to aid recovery.

Providing publications and information materials about cancer

As part of raising awareness of signs, symptoms and treatments for cancer, the Society distributes cancer information booklets and leaflets free of charge to individuals, hospitals, healthcare professionals, GP surgeries, schools, community health groups and cancer support centres in every community in Ireland.

Last year over 530,000 free cancer information booklets and leaflets were distributed across Ireland.

Some of our most popular publications included:

Infographic: Spot Cancer Early Spot Cancer Early

Infographic: The Human Papillomavirus and Cancer

For more information and to browse our collection of publications on cancer, visit our Publications section.

Providing free information about cancer, cancer prevention, and support through our website

The Irish Cancer Society website contains over 1,000 pages of information about cancer, ranging from signs, symptoms and treatment of every type of cancer to ways to reduce cancer risk, as well as information about services and supports available across the country for anyone affected by cancer.

In 2018, over 1.1 million people accessed www.cancer.ie to get information about cancer.

Our website also allows people with questions or concerns about cancer to get confidential advice from cancer nurses through our online community and through our free online enquiry form.

Last year, the most read information on www.cancer.ie was related to prostate, bowel, and breast cancers, and general information about cancer treatments.

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Monday, January 28, 2019