Financial transparency

The Irish Cancer Society strives to be completely transparent to its supporters regarding funds raised and expenses. Below you will find videos detailing the answers to some frequently asked questions around spending and our financial transparency.

How your donation makes a difference to people with cancer

We aim to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. We do this by providing up to date information and a range of services and by influencing change and raising awareness of cancer issues.

How your funds make a difference in your community

Are funds raised locally spent locally? Our Head of Services Donal Buggy explains how funds are spent both nationally and locally.

How we are funded

Learn how the Irish Cancer Society receives no government funding and is an independent charity.

Does the Irish Cancer Society receive funding from pharmaceutical companies, and does that affect its work?

Yes we do, as do many organisations such as ours, and pharmas from which we receive grants are thoroughly vetted as part of our corporate partner policy to ensure no conflict of interests.

All the money we receive from any of our corporate partners is used in the interests of cancer patients for cancer research, prevention and support.

To see a list of our corporate partners, view our Annual Impact Report.

How we raise funds

Learn about how much funds we raise annually and what those funds support.

How we manage your funds

Our Financial Controller explains how regulations and auditing ensures the proper management of funds raised.

How we spend the money you raise

A breakdown of what we spend on services and research and administration costs.

Our CEO's salary

The CEO is paid an annual salary of €135,000. He contributes 12% of his gross salary to his pension and the Society contributes 16% to his pension.

In addition, the Society covers the cost of health insurance for the CEO. This is approximately €3,000 per annum.

Due to the requirement for extensive work-related travel, including weekends, the CEO is provided with a company car. Currently this is a Toyota Avensis.

More information

Financial Controller Niamh Ni Chonghaile talks about our CEO's salary and the reasoning behind it.

More information about salaries.

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Monday, January 18, 2016