Daff Man Daffodil Day volunteer James Gilleran, Dublin

James: Daff Man, Daffodil Day volunteer, Dublin

Daff Man - aka James Gilleran has been dressing up as Daff Man for more than 25 years. James’ father and aunt died from cancer and that’s why he volunteers to collect on Daffodil Day in his Daff suit. 

James Gilleran has been dressing up as Daff Man for 26 years since he was first inspired by daffodil sellers on O’Connell Street.

Over the years he has donned more and more daffodils to mark the day – and now has a suit made up of around 2,000 daffodils which was created this year by costume designer Ofelia Haislund.

James lost both is father Mel and his aunt Maureen to cancer, and this has inspired him to fundraise for Daffodil Day to help raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society such as the Nurseline, the Daffodil Centres and the Volunteer Driver Service.

James explained that his original suit had been in action for 14 years – after first discovering that a tracksuit just wasn’t practical.

“I started with an Aran jumper that I covered in daffodils, and I said that’s not enough and so I got a tracksuit but it kept falling down with the weight of the daffodils!

“Then one year I picked up a boiler suit and I spent every weekend for months attaching the daffodils,” he added.

James is one of the Irish Cancer Society’s best known and best loved volunteers and his contribution over the years has been phenomenal.

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