Cancer Nurse, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (Maternity Cover)

Job Title: Cancer Nurse, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Department: Cancer Support Services
Reporting to: Daffodil Centres Manager, Irish Cancer Society and Directorate Nurse Manager, Cancer and Surgery, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Hours of work: Part-Time or Full-Time Considered
Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract (Maternity leave cover)
Location: Daffodil Centre (Cancer Information Centre) Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Key Relationships: Irish Cancer Society: Daffodil Centres Manager/Cancer Support Department Hospital: Directorate Nurse Manager, Cancer and Surgery



The Irish Cancer Society is the leading provider of cancer information in Ireland. Its Cancer Support Department offers advice, information and support to anyone worried about any aspect of cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. In order to provide more accessible information while building on our experience, a new initiative is being developed that will see Daffodil Centres – Cancer Information Centres in general hospitals in Ireland.

This hospital-based service has the potential to transform the patient experience in relation to cancer information. It will help to address the information needs of those concerned about cancer within the hospital, through listening, providing information, advice and support. Not only will it involve cancer patients, but family members and the general public as well. The range of free advice, information and support will be broad-based, ranging from:

• cancer prevention and early detection
• diagnosis
• cancer treatments and related side-effects
• end of life services
• support and psychological care
• practical entitlements and services available.

This service is an outreach/extension of the Cancer Support Department in the Irish Cancer Society and as such will hold strong links to it. The cancer nurse will be linked with the multidisciplinary clinical team responsible for the care of cancer patients, both within the hospital and local community. Trained volunteers will play a crucial role in assisting the Cancer Nurse running the centre.

While the post-holder will be an employee of the Irish Cancer Society he/she will work in the Daffodil Centre located in the hospital. It is critical that the Cancer Nurse must adhere to general conditions as outlined by the hospital in relation to Health and Safety, Infection Control, Dress Code and adhere to guidelines/requirements in relation to Risk Management, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety. (Full details will be provided upon commencement of employment.)

Overall Responsibility

The post-holder will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Daffodil Centre and provide clear and accessible information on any cancer-related issue the client presents with, offer appropriate support and signpost people to other sources of information and support, where necessary. The Nurse will be responsible for the management of the Daffodil Centre volunteers.

The Cancer Nurse is also responsible for the promotion and continuous development of the service and for raising awareness of its availability, both within the hospital and in the local community.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

Management of Daffodil Centre

• Provide comprehensive cancer information, advice and support to patients, carers, the general public and healthcare professionals. Answering queries about all aspects of cancer (face-to-face, telephone, email and written).

• Refer clients as appropriate to services within the hospital or elsewhere in line with operational policies of the hospital.

• Adhere to all policies and procedures of both the hospital and the Daffodil Centre.

• Work with managers in both the hospital and the Irish Cancer Society to develop and manage the Daffodil Centre, ensuring that it is providing easily accessible and high-quality professional service.

• Avail of all opportunities to provide cancer information to the patients, general public and health care professionals both within the hospital and in the community. 

• Maintain good working relationships with nurses, consultants and other clinical staff involved in the delivery of cancer care within the hospital.

• Develop and maintain close links with the Cancer Support Department at the Irish Cancer Society and avail of the resources available for information on any aspect of cancer.

• Recommend, implement and evaluate new initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the service ensuring the maintenance of high quality standards.

• Develop and implement operational policies with due regard to those of the hospital and the Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Support Department.

• Maintain a comprehensive resource of high-quality up-to-date, relevant information, encompassing all aspects of cancer, care and support.

• Be responsible for maintaining stock levels of up-to-date, high-quality information materials, including Irish Cancer Society materials (booklets/factsheets), which will be displayed in the Daffodil Centre.

• Participate in risk management as appropriate.

• Comply with hospital/Irish Cancer Society complaints procedure, monitor complaints and provide feedback to managers.

• Comply with Hygiene and Infection control standards in the hospital.

Volunteer Management

• Manage volunteers assigned to the Daffodil Centre, ensuring that they are available and maintain a presence, keeping the centre open at the designated times.

• Provide additional training, in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society, to volunteers in preparation for working in the centre and ensure that they receive the necessary ongoing training and debriefing.

• Ensure that all those working in the Daffodil Centre adhere to the standards of good practice outlined by the Irish Cancer Society and Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

• Report any concerns regarding volunteers to the Daffodil Centres Manager.

Evaluation and Audit

• Maintain a database of all enquiries relating to visitors/callers to the centre, and communicate to hospital/Irish Cancer Society management.

• Participate in audit/evaluation of the centre and evaluate service delivery. Identify areas for change/improvement.

• Submit a monthly report to relevant stakeholders, detailing the activities of the centre, including statistics on the number and demographics of patients/clients seen, number of telephone/email enquiries and satisfaction with service provided.

Communication and Promotion of the Centre

• Work closely with cancer services at the hospital to ensure that services provided in the Daffodil Centre are complementary to those of the hospital.

• Work closely with local self-help and support groups, and local cancer support centres/services.

• Utilise relevant experience and knowledge of Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, the HSE and external agencies to maximum potential in outreach activities, promotion and continued development of the service. Develop links with key people and services across the region covered by the hospital.

• Ensure wide distribution of the Daffodil Centre publicity materials and that details of it are included in all local directories that detail cancer services.

• Collaborate with local Irish Cancer Society fundraising activities and work with fundraising team as appropriate.

• Take part in media relations activity on behalf of the Irish Cancer Society.

Professional Development

• Maintain a knowledge base on developments in cancer care and of resources/services for cancer patients, particularly in the catchment area.

• Attend relevant courses/workshops/conferences as appropriate to maintain own knowledge and awareness of cancer and related issues. Participate in the Irish Cancer Society Journal club by teleconference.


• Be aware of Mater Misericordiae University Hospital/Irish Cancer Society and other campaigns events, which may lead to an increased number of enquires on a specific issue.

• The list of duties in this job description is not exhaustive and is intended to outline the main activities of the post holder. Duties and responsibilities may be subject to change taking into account the development needs of the service.

Person Specification

• Registered General Nurse
• Post registration qualification in cancer nursing (minimum of diploma level qualification)
• Three years recent experience in cancer nursing
• The clinical, managerial and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role
• Excellent communication skills with a demonstrated interest in this area
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Team player with ability to work independently as required
• Diplomatic and tactful with the ability to build and maintain relationships
• Computer literacy (Microsoft Office)
• Demonstrated evidence of continuing professional development at the appropriate level

HOW TO APPLY:  If you are interested in applying for this position, please send curriculum vitae and cover letter including current remuneration package to:  Katie Ní Dhonnacha, HR Department, Irish Cancer Society, 43/45 Northumberland Rd., Dublin 4. Email: 

The Irish Cancer Society is an equal opportunities employer.