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Fit For Work & Life Programme

The Fit for Work & Life programme is a community-based health and wellbeing programme which aims to encourage and support healthy lifestyle choices, thus facilitating participants to be fit for both their work and personal life.

The Irish Cancer Society developed an action research project in 2013 to find out the best way to communicate the messages of the European Code Against Cancer to groups of young adults participating in community-based adult education and training programmes. From this concept we developed the Fit for Work and Life programme.

Fit for Work and Life is a practical demonstration of how the goals of the Government’s Healthy Ireland Framework can be achieved at regional and community level. It is a good example of cross sectoral partnership working and clearly aligns with the goals of improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities for all.

The Fit for Work and Life Programme is supported by the Medtronic Foundation through the Community Foundation of Ireland. The fund promotes health at community level. Since 2015, The Fund has worked with four national health charity partners whose goals are in alignment, i.e. reducing health inequalities in prevention or management of non-communicable disease.

The four partners are; The Irish Cancer Society; The Irish Heart Foundation; Marie Keating Foundation and Siel Bleu Ireland.

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Fit For Work & Life 2019 Evaluation
The Irish Cancer Society’s Community Health and Wellbeing Programme: Evaluation and Recommendations for the Future: 2019

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, please contact or phone 01 2310 541.

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