Irish Cancer Society Research Christmas Appeal

The Christmas season is upon us, and the Irish Cancer Society would like to thank its kind and generous supporters once again, and let them know how their support is making a real difference to people affected by cancer.

To donate to Cancer Research this Christmas:

1. Visit our Donate page

2. Select "Cancer Research" in the "Where should the money go?" preference.

On holiday with her family in Portugal, putting on sun cream, Siobhán Farragher (right) found a hard lump in her breast. Back at home, to be safe rather than sorry her GP referred her to a surgeon who ran a test and told her not to expect to hear anything for six weeks. The next day she got a phone call.  
Siobhán, who is 39, was eventually diagnosed with HER 2 Positive cancer, a type of breast cancer that can be resistant to treatment.
“Even though I have had a few low moments, I have no intention of giving up," says Siobhán. "In fact, I plan to be around for a long time yet. It’s important to me that I’m around to watch my children grow up, so I need to fight this thing and stay positive. I can’t get over the treatment and level of support that I’ve have received. Of course, I have the odd low moment, but I’m not giving up. I’m living with cancer. But I’m alive because of cancer research." 
Because of the kindness of our supporters, the Irish Cancer Society is able to be Ireland’s leading independent funder of cancer research. And we recently heard some incredible news - the type of cancer that Siobhán Farragher has can be resistant to cancer treatment, but now research funded by donations has found a way to switch off the cancer’s resistance to these treatments.
And that’s not all. These findings may also help identify women who are likely to develop resistance to the most often used therapies, so we can find a better way to help them.

This research discovery was only possible because of donations. And because of those donations, we are closer to ensuring fewer people get cancer, and those that do have better outcomes. Every cent that is invested in breast cancer research brings us closer to finding better treatments and ultimately a cure.

This Christmas, and all year round, with your support we will continue to offer hope to people living with cancer. 
To donate to the Irish Cancer Society's Cancer Research Christmas Appeal, visit our Donate page and select "Cancer Research" in the "Where should the money go?" preference.