Cancer research videos

Irish Cancer Researchers 2011

Dr Patrick Kiely on finding out why some breast cancer cells spread around the body

Professor Laurence Egan talks about the role of the immune system in colorectal cancer

Professor Tom Cotter tells us about his success in leukaemia research

Professor William Watson describes the first collaboration of prostate cancer researchers in Ireland

Dr Britta Stordal tells us how she's trying to make chemotherapy more effective

Dr Gregor Kijanka on developing a new blood test for colon cancer

Dr Sarah Picardo talks about her research to help patients with oesophageal cancer

Dr Stephen Maher tells us about his work in oesophageal cancer

Eva Flahavan talks about her research into prostate cancer in Ireland

Lisa Vincenz on finding out how cancer escapes cell death

Susan Spillane talks about how existing drugs could be used to treat cancer

William Landry talks about his work on leukaemia cell survival

Christine White tells us how her research will help identify women at high risk of cervical cancer

Dr Antoinette Perry on finding better biomarkers to detect prostate cancer

Dr Claire Donohoe tells us about her research into obesity and cancer