Dell - our Daffodil Day lead partner

Dell came on board as principal sponsor of Daffodil Day from 2011. This partnership will provide much needed financial support for the Daffodil Day campaign. All funds raised from this campaign provide a range of free nationwide patient care services. The campaign will be supported by Dell’s 2,200 Irish based employees at their campuses in Cherrywood, Limerick and Cork.

How Dell has helped

In the months leading up to Daffodil Day and on the day itself, Dell employees get involved by volunteering in our warehouse, setting up the Garden of Hope, fundraising for us and working on our mobile app. They also supported us by:

  • One of Dell’s European social media experts helped create the Daffodil Day social media campaign for the ‘Garden of Hope’ project. Discussions have begun between us and Dell regarding developlement of a virtual daffodil for selling as part of next year's campaign.
  • A member of the global brand team contributed to the creation of the new advertising and collaterals for the campaign
  • A team of supply chain management experts from Limerick worked with us to help improve some of the logistical elements of the campaign – leading to improved processes.
  • The partners worked collaboratively on an extensive national and local PR and media campaign which led to an increase in coverage of 40% year on year. 1399 articles were secured in print and over 105 broadcast interviews were secured nationwide.
  • The number of Dell volunteers for Daffodil Day increased by just over 2,000 with a particular notable increase in Limerick where Dell has over 1000 employees.
  • Over 500 employees volunteered their time to sell merchandise on the streets, to sell at the Dell campuses, to help count money or to help in the our warehouse
  • Over 2000 people wore yellow to work on Daffodil Day itself – helping to further drive awareness and helping to create great pride at work and a strong team spirit.
  • Dell employees led a total of seven specific fundraising initiatives – all of which were owned and driven by employees.
  • Dell also led the ‘Our Company Cares’ corporate fundraising campaign on our behalf.
  • €40,000 was raised directly by Dell employees through a series of fundraising activities.

In their words . . .

Announcing the extension of the partnership in January 2014, Liam Halpin, General Manager, Dell Ireland said: “The team at Dell is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to the success of Daffodil Day in 2014 and 2015. We are fully supportive of the important work carried out by the Irish Cancer Society and are honoured to play a part in its flagship fundraising day. Over the past three years, we’ve seen what can be achieved when we apply our strengths and skills to their best advantage on behalf of a worthy cause.

“A good example of this was when project managers who volunteered to take part in Dell’s PM4Life initiative, where community leaders and management within the non-profit sector are given skills that will enable them run their organisations with greater efficiency, worked with the Irish Cancer Society to create a system whereby Daffodil Day merchandise was prepared and dispatched on time. Other members of the Dell team also brought their technical know-how to bear through mobile app development and social media support. We bring with us the benefit of this experience as we face into our extended partnership. And added to this is our deeply-felt determination to scale the success of Daffodil Day to new heights over the next two years.”

Commenting about the partnership, John McCormack, CEO, the Irish Cancer Society said:

“Dell has been a fantastic partner for the last three years and we are absolutely delighted to announce that this very productive and hugely beneficial relationship will continue. Dell’s employees have enthusiastically supported the campaign, with hundreds taking to the streets on Daffodil Day to raise much-needed funds.

"In advance of the campaign itself, Dell’s supply chain management experts put tremendous effort into ensuring that the logistics behind the day would operate with maximum efficiency. Additionally, the company’s app development experts worked to create a Daffodil Day app which serves as a great way for the campaign to reach out to a younger audience who we hope will become life-long supporters of the campaign."

Get your company involved

You can bring the colour of Daffodil Day to your company on Friday, March 28th, 2014. Find out more about getting your workplace involved.

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